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Making Democracy Relevant

In the age of Facebook and Twitter, citizens don’t want to wait four years to have to give their leaders feedback: they want a seat at the decision table. Public administrations also want to be more transparent, accessible and inclusive. However, the tools available to them are often incomplete, complex or cost prohibitive.

To this day, most attempts to build public participation programs have been isolated, politically motivated or unsustainable. To solve this, we built Civiciti, a global citizen participation platform.

Civiciti is an online community to connect with your fellow citizens and local government. Our mission is to give you the power to have a real say in what goes on in your city. People use Civiciti to raise awareness of issues they care about; to start Civiciti and polls to send to local government; to crowdfund for city improvement projects and much more.
Designed by digital democracy company OpenSeneca, Civiciti provides an open and secure communication channel for public participation and transparent government.

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