Terms of Use

These Terms of Use (“Terms”, “Declaration” or “Conditions”) are based on the principles of OpenSeneca and contain the terms of service that govern our relationship with users and others who interact with OpenSeneca, as well as OpenSeneca products, brands and services, including Civiciti, referred to as OpenSeneca services or “services”.

By using OpenSeneca services or accessing them in any of its forms or versions, you agree to these terms, which are regularly updated. Should there be any additional conditions of other services, products or applications that you have accepted, and if any discrepancies between such additional terms and these terms should arise, the additional conditions associated with the application, the product or service shall prevail.

Account and user registration

OpenSeneca users are not registered anonymously, i.e. they provide their real names and information, and we need your help to keep it that way. OpenSeneca will use users data to let them know changes in Terms and Conditions. To know more about users data, read our Privacy Policy.

These are some of your commitments that you accept when registering and maintaining the security of your account:

Safe site

We do the utmost to make OpenSeneca a secure site, but we cannot guarantee it without your help, which includes the following commitments on your part:

Protecting the rights of others

We respect the rights of others and expect you to do the same.

Special provisions applicable to developers and operators of applications and websites

If you are a developer or operator of an application or a website platform or if you use social plug-ins, you must comply with the Standards for Developers.

Mobile devices

Special provisions applicable to the software

Changes and modifications


If you violate the essence or spirit of these Terms, create risks of any kind for OpenSeneca or expose OpenSeneca to possible legal liabilities, we could prevent you from accessing the OpenSeneca platform totally or partially. We will notify you by email or the next time you try to access your account. You can also delete your account or disable your application at any time. In such cases, these Terms will cease, but the following provisions remain in force: 2.c, 3-6, and 14-16.


Special provisions for users who do not reside in Spain

We strive to create a global community with consistent standards for everyone, but also to respect local laws. The following provisions apply to users and to people who are users OpenSeneca located outside of Spain:

  1. You consent to having your personal data transferred and processed in Spain.


Other provisions

By using OpenSeneca services or access them, you allow us to collect and use your content and information in accordance with the Data Policy, which is regularly updated.

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