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Cookies and other storage technologies

Cookies are pieces of text used in order to store information about browsers. The main use is to store identifiers and other data on computers, smart phones and other Internet access devices. There are also other data storage technologies used for similar purposes and browsers store information devices, identifiers thereof and other software tools present on devices with internet Access. In the present cookies policy these other technologies are also considered as “cookies”. In this policy we explain the use of the cookies and the options we offer to our customers.

At OpenSeneca we use cookies in the following cases:

When you have an account on Civiciti or OpenSeneca

When you use the OpenSeneca services and applications, even without being registered on the platform.

When you visit other websites or use other applications where OpenSeneca services are used.

Why is it necessary to use cookies?

Because cookies provide us with valuable information that helps our development teams to provide, protect and improve our services constantly. Through cookies we customize certain contents and strengthen the security of our users. At OpenSeneca we group our cookies into the following categories according to their function:

Authentication: accounts of our users are verified and can be determined to log in, in order to offer our users an experience tailored to their needs and capabilities. With these cookies we keep your session open while you browse on OpenSeneca, so you do not have to constantly log in; also you can access and OpenSeneca from external web sites and applications.

Security:With the cookies we protect your data, your account and the OpenSeneca services. If anybody, a person or a system tries to Access repeatedly an account without authorization, with the cookies we are able to determine the threat and take the appropriate measures to protect us. We can also use cookies to help you recover your passwords if you lost them.

Through cookies we also fight any activities that violate the general policies of OpenSeneca or involve a threat to the regular service delivery (Spam, phishing, identification of computers from which the threats or attempts to create fake accounts are generated). Cookies also allow us to prevent unauthorized records and detect malware-infected machines to prevent damage to our systems.

Statistics:With the cookies we measure contents on different Internet browsers and user devices in order to avoid showing redundant content in all devices of one only user.

OpenSeneca Functions and services: We use cookies to store user preferences, know the contents consumed by users and interaction with content to offer personalized experiences. Cookies are also used to provide relevant content for the regional configuration our users.

Performance: through cookies we measure the speed of service charge for each person accessing our platform.

Analytical and platform development: Cookies allow us to determine how OpenSeneca services are used and how we can improve in future versions. They allow us to also identify areas for improvement in the functionality that we provide our users.

How do we use cookies?

We will place cookies on your device or Internet browser to receive information stored in them to make use of:

OpenSeneca Services

Services provided by commercial or technological OpenSeneca partners

Services provided by other companies that use OpenSeneca services.

Control of cookies

The Internet connection devices and web browsers generally offer options for setting the acceptance of cookies or their removal. Go to the set-up documentation of your device or web browser for more information. Some of the services provided by OpenSeneca are affected by the absence of cookies on devices or browsers.

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