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Say hello to continuous democracy

Civiciti brings together the tools, processes and safeguards officials need to design and manage successful citizen participation programs.

For real and verified people.
Sophisticated user identity verification
systems keep your community safe
from all types of trolls, robots and

Structured conversations.
Intelligent community
management and moderation tools
help you intervene to keep
conversations civil.

Secure consultations.
A proven security and privacy
framework based on the most secure
voting technology in the world and certified in 18 countries.


Give citizens a voice

People expect a seat at the table. Civiciti provides officials a structured environment for citizens
to participate in their local affairs.

Citizen mobilization.

Empower citizens to report
issues, promote events, sign
petitions, volunteer for their
community and crowd-fund or
sponsor local initiatives.

Participatory budgeting.

Our budget tool lets your citizens
show you with virtual credits how
they would allocate public
money. They can also vote on
how to spend real funds.

Secure consultations.

When an issue requires buy-in,
consult your community by
leveraging the world's most
secure and trusted online
voting solution.

Understand their needs

Create a positive environment to listen to your constituents and get a better picture
of their needs.

Idea crowdsourcing.

Tap into your community’s
collective intelligence by
crowdsourcing suggestions and

Advanced user validation.

Ensure people are who they say
they are with digital certificates
and ID verifications.

Sentiment analysis.

Generate an inclusive overview
of how your community feels
on critical issues.

Make better informed decisions

Leverage the power of quantitative and qualitative data to make more informed policy decisions.

Advanced polling.

Launch intelligent polls and
segment results by gender, age,
location and much more.

Open Data Store.

Publish and visualize open data
sets for greater transparency and
better decision making.

Global Benchmarking.

Measure how your city is
performing compared to its
peers and learn from others
around the world.

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