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Civiciti is a global citizen participation platform for continuous democracy.
As a neutral and independent platform, Civiciti protects civil liberties and privacy.
Moreover, it provides officials with the necessary tools and systems to ensure the integrity of the participatory process.

Main features include:

Newsfeed and timeline

Engage citizens by replacing static discussion forums with a continuous and interactive timeline.

Citizen action

Help citizens comment and report on local issues, volunteer, crowdfund or sponsor community-led initiatives.

Advanced polls

Get your constituents’ input and view their results by location, gender and age to help you better respond to their needs.

Sentiment analysis

Measure how citizens feel about people, policies, issues or ideas and how their impact on local affairs.

Idea Crowdsourcing

Leverage your community’s expertise by letting them suggest and vote on ideas and proposals.

Participatory Budgets

Ask citizens to distribute a budget between a set of pre-defined projects.

Citizen Consultations

The world’s most secure online voting solution, certified in 18 of the 21 countries that have implemented online voting.

For more information on Civiciti, download the digital brochure. If you’d like to enroll your community to Civiciti, please visit the officials page.