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Civiciti Principles

18 JULY 2016

About us

Civiciti by OpenSeneca is a neutral and independent platform for citizen participation. It facilitates the relationship between citizens and their leaders, establishing a fluid and secure communication channel. OpenSeneca guarantees the protection of personal data and the respect of civil liberties.


We seek to be the global standard for continuous democracy.


OpenSeneca’s mission is to strengthen democracy by enriching the relationship between citizens and their leaders through continuous communication. One of the objectives is to enable individuals to participate in public decision-making and encourage greater transparency.

Participation cannot be an isolated action. It is a continuous process in a value chain. After identifying the community’s needs, possible solutions are enabled; dialogue and consensus are promoted, until the solution is found.

Our principles

Certain principles guide us in pursuit of these objectives. The only limits to continuous development are law, technology, and social norms. Therefore, we establish these principles to lay out the rights and responsibilities of everyone at OpenSeneca/Civiciti.

  1. Integrity. We listen to our moral compass and those of others. We do the right thing even when no one is watching us.
  2. Participation. Everyone gets a seat at the table regardless of skill, rank or mandate.
  3. Respect. We are professionals. We can agree, disagree, have fun and argue. But always with respect to everybody’s opinions.
  4. Quality. We strive for excellence in all that we do. We want to be proud of what we have built through continuous improvement.
  5. Learning. Everyone can make mistakes; the important thing is to learn from them. We are not ashamed of our mistakes and use them for the improvement process.
  6. Creativity. Ideas are great. We want to share, discuss and improve them. And for those we decide to act upon, we will implement them in an ordered way.
  7. Transparency. We work with transparency towards every team member. We do not restrict information unless bound by legal or contractual reasons.
  8. Innovation. Digital participation and democracy are the result of constant innovation that characterizes society, not only in technological terms but also in generating new ways of social interaction. People should have the opportunity to join and take advantage of collective intelligence.
  9. Social value. Collaborative projects are rapidly changing society, and entrust responsibility and participation to citizens, seeking solutions to those challenges they directly experience.
  10. Essential service. People should be able to use Civiciti for free to establish a presence. They should also be able to use the service regardless of their level of participation or contribution.
  11. Platform and open standards. People should have programmatic interfaces to share and access information that becomes available.
  12. Global vocation.  We transcend national and geographic barriers and are available worldwide.
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