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Compromised Accounts

19 JULY 2016

Someone has stolen my OpenSeneca user account or is using it without my permission

Use the following recommendations to see if someone has stolen or taken control of your account:

If you think someone took control of your account without your authorization please contact us at and we will help you to get it back.

I think a friend’s account has been hacked

If you notice that the account of a friend or acquaintance has an abnormal activity, report it directly to and notify your friend of such activity. It is likely that his/her access devices have been victims of a virus or malware or his/her account has been supplanted.

Exceptional situations

If due to an irreversible medical condition or death, a friend or relative cannot reuse the OpenSeneca services, we can help you to delete his/her account. Contact us at to proceed correspondingly.

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