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About us

We are experts in participation and help those who wish to participate.

Participation is sharing, getting involved, commitment,… Participation is discovering, debating and deciding.

At Civiciti we respond to the growing demand for transparency and participation processes management, providing data to analyse and take better decisions.

Civiciti is a multidisciplinary and dynamic company that views participation as a continuous and everyday process. Which is why we work hand in hand with our customers and offer solutions tailored to each need.

Our experience and global scope enable us to constantly enrich Civiciti and offer the very latest participation innovations.

At Civiciti we partner with the best companies in every sector to offer a more complete solution for our customers.

Our partners take a very special place in our strategic development and we look forward to supporting your endeavors through our collaborations.

Civiciti’s partnership program aims to deliver an integrated service of maximum quality for the benefit of both our partners and final users.

Please feel free to contact with questions or concerns regarding this program.

We will be happy to help you.

Our partners

  • Scytl

  • Telefónica Open Future

  • Telefónica

  • Deside Datum

  • ATC

  • Gobierno Transparente

  • ADN Urbano

    ADN Urbano

  • Votos Chile

  • Fundación PuntoGov

  • Tech for Society

  • Ibatuz

  • Idencity

  • Guspirah!

  • NovaGob

  • Prince Consulting

  • Anteverti

  • Enace

  • Semic

  • Sustentabilicity

  • Cityclic

Awards and Recognition

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