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One platform, multiple services

A single environment to make participation an everyday occurrence.

  • Advanced surveys

    Use surveys to seek users’ opinions, the results will enable you to achieve relevant information in real-time.

  • Secure Digital Consultations

    Undertake secure consultations, safe in the knowledge that you are on the only platform that has been certified in 18 of the 21 countries that allow electronic voting in the world.

  • Participatory budgeting

    We adapt to all situations to facilitate user participation.

  • Discuss proposals

    The opportunity to take the lead by virtue of being able to listen to relevant issues at your organisation.

  • Transparency and Open Data

    Civiciti integrates easily with standard transparency and Open Data solutions.

  • Data Analysis and Reporting

    The competitive advantage of being able to take decisions based on real and segmented data.

Participation spaces

Civiciti offers a single environment in which any organisation can promote user participation.

Participation spaces

Participation processes

Civiciti adapts to each customer´s needs.

It may be the case that the process does not cover all proposed stages and the customer decides to only implement certain actions.

Process design
1. Process design

We start with the participation engine. Design the process to be implemented: objectives, calendar, mapping of actors, public, message,…. Based on the information gathered, we then proceed to prepare the materials we will need to start our campaign.

Information Campaign
2. Information Campaign

The information stage is vital to obtaining a good user response. It is necessary to provide information about what will be happing in coming months, explaining the methods that will be used and how to participate. Applicable internal assessment criteria must also be stated.

3. Deliberation

With neutrality and security as differentiating values, the time has come for users to submit their proposals, contributions or ideas. We must be capable of integrating all perceptions and sectors of the community we are addressing.

Technical assessment
4. Technical assessment

This stage involves the customer assessing the proposals, ideas or conclusions extracted from the deliberation period. The assessment has different aspects; economic viability, logistics viability and verification of the legality of proposals.

5. Voting

Once the proposals collected have been assessed and validated, it is time to subject them to public scrutiny. Communication and promotion are essential. At this point it is often necessary to run a get out the vote campaign.

Presentation of results
6. Presentation of results

This stage can be approached as initial feedback to participants, demonstrating that their contributions have been listened to and taken into account. Data sampling must be presented using different communication channels to reach the greatest number of users.

Review implementation
7. Review implementation

It is necessary to look back at the applicability of the measures adopted during the participation process. This stage promotes trust in the process amongst users, and demonstrates the utility of prior participation, encouraging future participation.

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