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We employ end-to-end data encryption to protect the integrity of participatory processes. Advanced cryptographic protocols provide immediately verifiable and auditable results. More specifically we operate a security framework comprised, but not limited to, of the following components.

Immutable Logs

OpenSeneca protects citizen consultations from internal and external security threats. Immutable logs combine cryptographic authentication codes, digital signatures and short-time checkpoints to build a secure chain of logs for maximum security.

Individual Verifiabilty

OpenSeneca provides citizens with unique and secure identifiers for verifying and confirming their actions were accurately recorded and counted as intended. The random nature of OpenSeneca’s receipt impedes the disclosure of the options selected by the citizen, preventing any attempt of coercion or opinion selling.

End-to-end Voter Privacy

To preserve the integrity of the consultation process, end-to-end data encryption maintains the secrecy of citizen identities. Opinions, preferences and votes are encrypted in the user’s voting device before they are cast. OpenSeneca’s system randomly separates, mixes and deciphers the citizen’s preferences. A Consultations Board comprised of agreed upon stakeholders is the only party allowed to decrypt votes.


OpenSeneca’s technology has been successfully audited by organizations and international experts around the world, including the French National Security Agency, the U.S. Air Force Institute of Technology, the Center for Advanced Security Research, the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

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