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How do I moderate a card?

To moderate a card, follow these steps:

After clicking on Moderate the post, a confirmation request appears. Click on confirm, to moderate the card.

How will moderated cards appear to users of the platform?

Once a card has been moderated, an administrator can still access it by hovering over a moderated card. A message appears explaining that the card has been moderated and the image of the card will be blurred. Users however, won’t be able to see a moderated card.

How do I moderate a comment?

To moderate a comment, follow the next steps:

How moderated comments appear to citizens?

Once a comment has been moderated, both the City Admin and the Users, will see the symbol of a crossed speech bubble over the moderated comment, making it intelligible to them.

Can citizens see that content has been moderated?

To allay fears of abuse of power, content  that has been moderated by an administrator will marked as moderated after a 24 hour delay. While they won’t be able to see the actual content, the rest of the users on the community will be able to see that content has been “Openly Moderated”.

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