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Which citizens can access my City?

Any citizen can access the City page to browse and know what the City and its citizens are doing. Yet, citizens can only actively participate in life of the City after registering. The City Admin can choose between several verification requirements for authorizing registrations.

How can I verify citizens?

The City Admin can choose between multiple levels of user verification. In the most basic level of verification, access is granted based on the users’ email address. The second level of user verification requires a user to enter a valid mobile phone number and confirm a code. The most advanced level of user validation requires that users upload official identity documents so that the City Admin can verify the user is a legitimate member of the community.

Can I use an official census to verify users?

Yes. After requesting users upload their ID number and ID picture, the City Admin is able to compare the information with the community or organization’s official census.

Can a citizen create more than one user?

No. Based on our terms and conditions, a citizen can create only one personal account. This account should be reliable and true.

How can I include users who participated in previous participatory process?

It is possible to send an email invitation to invite users to participate in Civiciti. This feature isn’t currently available to all users in Civiciti just yet. Civiciti can also be shared via social networks too. If the City Admin has the Facebook user name or Twitter handles of previous users of a given participation process, he or she can use it to invite them to Civiciti.

Can I restrict participatory processes to a subgroup of users?

Currently, this option isn’t available.

If I conduct a parallel participation process offline, how do I merge all the proposals?

Combining online and offline participation processes is great way to ensure inclusiveness.  The first step of a public participation process is to inform the public. This step can take place on-line, by publishing information in the Civiciti platform and off-line by organizing public meetings to increase public awareness. These meetings could be advertised by the Event tool in Civiciti. Face-to-face meetings could help the City Hall to gather information about citizens’ perception of the problem as well as solution. Yet, if the process final step involves voting, it is advisable to use the Civiciti platform for it. Citizens will be more likely to participate, as voting will require less time and effort. A successful and legitimate participatory process is more likely when participatory rates are higher.

Can I notify a user by email of new action?

Yes, if the user has accepted to receive email notifications.

How do I respond to users’ questions?

Users who have questions about Civiciti can access this help page. Civiciti takes care of responding to user questions via email.  Organizations that use premium Civiciti features can offer their users extended support via live chat.

Technical questions about the platform are answered by Civiciti and its partners. The City Admin will be routed questions that are not specific to the use of Civiciti. For example, questions about how the duration of the polling process or the conditions under which a proposal will be accepted or implemented. In order to receive these questions City Admins are asked to provide an email address.

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