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City Back Office


How does the City Back Office Work?

The City Back Office is accessible only to the City Admin. What the City Admin does in the Back Office is not visible to users. However, if the City Admin changes the background colour of the Civiciti page of a city, the changes colour will be visible to citizens. The back office can be imagined as what happens behind the scenes during a theatre play. The audience is only able to see what happens on stage, but they will see the results of a costume change that  took place back stage.



How do I upload my logo?

Go to Settings, click on Upload your Logo. You will be asked to upload a picture. Select a picture and hit confirm.

What sort of logo should I upload?

As logo, the City Admin can upload the symbol and/or the flag of the institution or organization he or she is managing.

What size and shape should the logo be?

The logo should be square and not exceed 180px in height or width.

What is a banner image?

A banner image is an image that reinforces the identity of the City on its Civiciti page.

What size and shape should the banner image have?

The banner image should be of rectangular shape, 140px high and at least 1400px wide.



What is the Users feature for?

The City Admin can find out more information about a particular user, and take action against inappropriate behaviour.

What kind of data can I visualize about users?

The User feature displays a list of users, displaying basic information such as names, user ID, email and language. By clicking on a profile the City Admin can access more information.

Can I search for a user?

Yes. It is possible to find any user by typing his or her name in the search bar on the upper section of the page.

Can I block users?

Yes. Using the users features in the City Back Office, administrators may block a user if a behaviour was deemed inappropriate. This means that they can no longer log into the platform. The content they have uploaded is not affected by the action of blocking.

Can I unblock users?

Yes, using the same feature, users can be unblocked and can then log in as normal.



Can I search for specific content?

Yes, search for the content you’re looking for in the search bar in the upper section to the right.

In which order is the most flagged content displayed?

The list of the most flagged content, is available at the top the Comment that has been flagged the most. It shows the content, the date it was created and the number of flags. By flagging content, users indicate to the City Admin that a content is worth of a closer look to see if it breaches a standard on the platform.

How to take a closer look at the most flagged content?

Click on flagged content to be redirected to the Civiciti page where the content is located.

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