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Security & Privacy




I think my account was hacked or someone is using it without my permission.

Reset your password to secure your account. If you still require further assistance, contact us.

I received an email from Civiciti asking for my personal data (phone number, password, id number).

Civiciti will never ask for your data via email. Don’t reply to this email or click on any links contained in it.

I received an email for an account that’s not mine.

It might just be a user who input the wrong email address. If the problem persists, contact us.

How do I report impersonation accounts?

Impersonation violates our Terms of Use. If you are sure it is a case of impersonation, contact us.

Can I report inappropriate content?

You can flag inappropriate behavior in the platform. The City Administrator will investigate the case and take further action if necessary.

Is flagged content visible in Civiciti?

No, a flagged item is only visible to the City Admin and to the user who flagged the content.

I flagged another user. Will that user know I flagged him/her?

No, a user cannot see who flagged someone. The City Admin can see which users have been flagged and how many times, but not who flagged a user.

What types of content does Civiciti identify as inappropriate?

Our Terms of Use define inappropriate content.



What does Civiciti do with my data?

We maintain an audit trail of the data in our platform. We encrypt, anonymize and store data, but we will not share it.

What do you use to ensure my privacy?

Civiciti is a software-as-a-service (SaaS), or cloud platform. Your privacy is ensured by data encryption.

What is the level of security and data encryption?

We use immutable logs, one of the most sophisticated security systems, to ensure the security of your data.

Who can access my personal data?

Only Civiciti and the City Admin can access your personal data.

Can I share platform content outside of the platform?

Yes, any content or information you published in the platform is accessible and sharable. Read our Terms of Use for more information.

Can I manage my privacy settings?

Yes, you can manage your privacy settings on your profile page and decide what and how much information you publish.

Can I know who reads my posts?

No, this is not compatible with ensuring users’ privacy.

Can I know how many people read my posts?

No, you can see comments on your posts, likes, attendees of an event, etc.

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