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News Feed

What is the news feed?

The News Feed is your window to your city. It shows a series of cards, each created by your fellow citizens or your city. You can filter the News Feed by topics (Activities and Social, Local Politics, Environment etc.) or by card type (Petition, Event, Issue etc.), and have your say by creating your own card.

Can I attach documents in Power Point or PDF format?

No, the platform doesn’t support Power Point or PDF format uploads. However, you can share links to these documents if they have been uploaded elsewhere.



What is a card?

Each piece of content is displayed as a card. There are 7 types of cards:

You can click on a specific card to go to the card view with extended details about the card, except for Link cards, which you can access through Comments.

The left menu allows you to filter by card type. Each card is associated with a corresponding topic, which you can use to filter your news feed. You can use the Mini Publisher or Full Publisher to create new cards.

What happens if I click on a card?

When you click on a card, you are taken to the card view, which contains additional details about the card.

What is a card view?

The card view is the fully expanded version of a piece of content on the Civiciti platform, with additional details not summarized on the main news feed.

Can I edit or delete a card I published?

Yes, you can delete or edit a card you published anytime you want. To delete or edit a card, click on the card’s settings icon, which appears to the right of the card when you move the mouse over it. You can choose to edit or delete the card in the settings.

Can I edit or delete a Card another user published?

No, you can only edit or delete content created by you. If you consider any content inappropriate, refer to  Can I report inappropriate content?


Mini Publisher

What is the Mini Publisher?

The Mini Publisher is a quick way to create a new card and share it online with your Civiciti community. You can quickly post a new Issue or Petition, or start a new Poll. When you choose one of the 3 options in the Mini Publisher, you will be redirected to the full Publisher for finishing your edits.



What is the Publisher?

The Publisher gives you a range of options for publishing different types of cards, from the top of the homepage. The Publisher makes posting new cards on Civiciti quick and easy, and lets you choose different card types including but not limited to Petitions, Events and Polls.

How can I access the Publisher?

You can access the Publisher via the Mini Publisher, located at the top of the news feed.



What is the comments section for?

Each card, regardless of its type, has a comments section. You can read the comments of other Civiciti users, and contribute your own opinions, solutions or ideas to the discussion. You can upvote others’ comments, and comments are shown in order of popularity, with the most upvoted comments shown first.

Can I like a comment?

Yes, click on the thumbs up icon under the comment you want to like.

Can I delete or edit my comments?

You can delete your comment by clicking on the settings icon of the comment, which appears to the right of the comment when you move your mouse over it. Choose the Delete or Edit option, as you like.

Can I delete or edit other user’s Comments?

No, you can’t. If you consider any content inappropriate refer to Can I report inappropriate content?



How do I use the map when publishing a new card?

You can add a location to your card while creating it using the Publisher. For instance, you may want to publish a new card to raise awareness regarding a broken streetlight. If you include its location on the map, it helps other users in your community, and your City Admin, to visualize the exact location.

Do I have to use the map when publishing a new card?

No, it is not a compulsory field when creating a new card. Do include locations when relevant, to foster participation and to give your community a better idea of the issue.



What is a topic?

Topics are areas of interest, which allow you to filter any type of cards assigned to that topic. Each card must be assigned to one of the following topics:


What is an event?

An event contains information about any local gathering(s) in your city. You can browse the Events page to see all upcoming events posted by yourself and your community. You can also use the same page to post your own new events.

Event example: Music and food festival, 12pm to 9pm, September 15-18. Market Square.

How can I create an event?

You can create an event using the Mini Publisher in the Civiciti homepage. Fill in the event details such as time, duration, date, title, location, etc. You can also include a photo, video or poll. Click on Post to finish creating the event and make it public.



What is a profile?

Profiles are pages for organizations or public figures of any kind, such as NGOs, leaders, activists, media outlets, or public bodies like the fire department. You can subscribe to these profiles to keep up to date with their activities from your news feed in real time.

Can I create a profile?

You can create a profile for your group or organization. This could be anything from your place of work to a neighborhood watch. Once your profile page is created, you can publish cards from it. Profiles are a great way for an organization or public figure to engage with the Civiciti community, and vice-versa.



What is an issue?

An issue is where you can share a message with Civiciti users intended to raise awareness of something. You can raise awareness and spark a discussion and debate around an issue you care about, and other users can comment and contribute solutions. You can then follow up by using other further Civiciti features such as petitions or polls.

How do I create an issue?

You can create a card for an issue from the Mini Publisher on your Civiciti homepage. Along with the title, description and topic, you can also include a photo, video or poll related to the issue. Click on Post to create the card.



What is an idea?

The Ideas page is where you can brainstorm and share your Ideas to improve your city with your Civiciti community. You can also join the discussion about other users’ ideas. Ideas are organized into Ideas Projects.



What is a petition?

You can address your city authorities directly through a petition on Civiciti, in the form of a petition card with a specific request. Once you post a petition, your community can view and add their names to it. You can create your own petitions and add your name to others’ petitions. The Petitions page shows all petitions from your community on Civiciti.

How do I publish a petition?

You can create a card for a petition from the Mini Publisher on your Civiciti homepage. Make sure to fill in the details of the person/organization you’re addressing the petition to, a clear description, and your address. Finally, assign a topic and click on Post to create the card.

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