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About Civiciti


Civiciti is a participation platform for continuous democracy.
We help citizens, public administrations and organisations around the world discover, discuss and decide on the issues they care about.

In the age of Facebook and Twitter, citizens don’t want to wait four years to give their leaders thumbs up or thumbs down: they want their voices heard before, during and after elections. At the same time, public administrations want to be more attentive to their citizens’ needs by being more transparent, accessible and inclusive. But the tools available to them are often incomplete, complex or cost prohibitive. As a result, attempts to build public participation programs have often been isolated, politically motivated or unsustainable. Until now. We have built Civiciti, a truly global citizen participation platform.

Civiciti is an online community to connect local governments with their citizens. We provide a neutral, secure and independent platform for public participation and continuous democracy. Public administrations and organizations around the world rely on our technology, experience and know-how to run their public participation programs.

Our identity verification and security systems ensure that there are public spaces where real names are used, but that for matters such as secure voting, identities are private and protected. Civiciti is about more than just your city: it’s a network of communities all around the globe.

Civiciti is designed by digital democracy company OpenSeneca.

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